About us

The Twisted Oak Wood Fired Pizza family lit a fire in our mobile wood fired pizza oven for the very first time in April of 2018 in Carver, MN.

We’ve been welcomed and encouraged by the 1st taste timers, then 2nd timers, 3rd timers, and on, who have become friends of our smoky flavored tasting pizzas and often follow us from venue to venue which we are so grateful for. One Canadian couple happened to attend a catered birthday party we did and drove down the next year just to experience it again!  Another gentleman at a graduation party came up and said that he was from New York City and he knew his pizza and that ours was the best he had ever had. Some people think it’s our crunchy crust, others think there’s just something about our sauce, and then add the savory cheeses, vibrant colors, intense flavors as well as our commitment for quality and organic toppings and it’s a “close your eyes, take a smell, and taste awesome” like no other.

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