Our Pizzas

During an event at a winery, brewery, or other location we set up at, our menu often changes.  We usually can offer 5-6 different selections. (Remember, our prep area is small as we are not a restaurant that can offer a 10-15 page menu...egads...who likes to wade through That?) Our classic pies can range from Margherita, Sausage & Mushroom, and Twisted Trio, to creative concoctions such as Mojito Mint, Butternut Squash with Gorgonzola, Minneapple, and Sicilian for sophisticated foodies along with gluten free crusts, if needed.  Signature menu items change throughout the year to highlight the season and keep it fresh.





One of our employees, Ryan, has been following his dream of having his own pizza business (he calls it “Bones”) and we’ve encouraged him to bring his talents to the table. He uses his own sour-dough crust and has come up with pizzas named: Lemon World, Carrot Smoke, and All the Olive Trees for you to try and it’s fun to see what he’ll come up with next time. 


About our drinks:

At some events, we feature 3 kinds of Spring Grove Soda Pop (made in MN with pure cane sugar since 1895) along with Mexican Coke, Diet Coke and our own Twisted Oak Artesian water.